Please Saturate ME!


To saturate means to ” to fill completely with something that permeates or pervades” or “to load to capacity”. It means to “drench” or “drown”. I have recently made it a goal to get my “God Time” in regularly…. to make it the priority that it needs to be. I am still a work in progress for making those goals every moment and every day, but I have noticed something. The more I spend time with God, in my thoughts and prayers and in His word, the more I want to be IN my God Time. I want to saturate myself in Him. Makes me wonder why, even considering myself a Christian before, I did not allow that in my life. I just want to keep soaking Him up like I a sponge…. so I am focusing on music that makes me feel and be what He wants me to be. I am focusing on spending time in His word and reflecting what those mean to me. I am STILL not big on being very verbal… and when I do talk, it is surely because God is poking me in the head and heart LOL… but I hope that some of what I am taking in, pours out so others can see Him in me. I really need to spend more time in prayer – REAL conversations with Jesus… so that’s the next step. THAT and trying to talk more when it really matters LOL…

“When you words came, I ate them; they were my joy and my heart’s delight, for I bear your name, Lord God Almighty.” ~Jeremiah 15:16

“I wanna be so far gone in you So far nothing else will ever do.” **SO FAR GONE Thousand Foot Krutch***

Lisa 🙂