Plugged In

get-plugged-in_t_nv1Here’s the question: “What is one way you plug in to God?”

It’s a good question and worthy of contemplating!

Plugging in! Getting the power flowing! I like the picture that puts in my head. 🙂

Without power, my Kindle dies. I hate it when my Kindle dies. Without His power, I die. He hates that!

So, thinking about the ways that I get recharged with, for and in Jesus… one way is by reading! My reading habit turns out to be an excellant plug in source for me. At the moment, it comes in the form of a simple book with a big impact!

I have started reading the book ONE THOUSAND GIFTS by Ann VosKamp. The subtitle for the book is: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are. It is all about realizing the blessings you have – big and small- every day and urging the reader to look for those daily! Like I said, pretty simple. Why didn’t I think of that?! How many times have I chosen to see the bad “stuff”, never even thinking about the blessings that might be there too. Sometimes these gifts are out there in the open, easy to see, but sometimes those blessings are hidden a little deeper. Either way, they are very definantly there! And it really shouldn’t have taken someone else to tell me they were out there. So,here’s my message: Look for them! (Thanks Ann!) It is awesome to find the happy! It is amazing how the joy fills you!

Because of the reading I am doing, I started a Joy Dare this week. Every day, I have an assignment: Find 3 gifts…3 blessings. There is a daily theme of where I am to look for those blessings. Some are easier to think about, some are not. “3 blessings found in Christ” Stength. Peace. Joy. “3 blessings about my home” The family members who live there with me. My reading chair. The ceiling fan in my bedroom. “3 blessings inside a closet”… well, you get the idea. I find myself waking up thinking about the blessings, the gifts, I will write down for the day. I realize how very content, even in the not so pleasant times, I am to be me, especially as I am striving to be more me than I have ever been before! The me that my Savior wants me to be!!

I am loving this book, and the websites that go with it: One Thousand Gifts and A Holy Experience. Check out the book! Check out the websites. Participate in the daily Joy Dare at Ann’s Facebook Page.

There are so many Christian living books written by amazing men and women of God. I choose books… always… but I especially am choosing books as a way to keep plugged in to my God and King! I will keep reading, keep plugging in and continue to grow, every day!
Lisa 🙂