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Permissible But Not Beneficial

I am a reader.  A nonstop reader.  I think you can never read to much.  I  have always read.   I will be a reader until the day I leave this Earth.  For pleasure.  For learning.  I just have to read! 

But when I really stop and think… I CAN read TOO much… or maybe I just need to look at my reading a little differently.

I believe my ability to read, as well as the great enjoyment I get from reading, are gifts from God.  I also know that just like any other gift from God, if I let it take over every free moment it loses something… I lose something.  I ignore other things that need to be done.  I gain weight because I don’t exercise.  My health suffers.  I don’t take care of things around the house.  Things get cluttered.  I don’t spend time with friends and family.  Will I regret missing the time spent with those people one day?  I miss time in nature.  Sunshine, flowers, Go’ds beautiful world.  I simply get so focused on the pleasure of reading constantly – wrapped up in wonderful story after story after story that I lose focus on what I am here for:  the reality of God’s plan for Lisa Grissinger.   

I usually read about 200 books a year.  That includes children’s literature, young adult literature and adult literature.  That includes picture books, graphic novels, chapter books, novels and short stories.  That includes a WHOLE LOT of fiction and a VERY SMALL AMOUNT of nonfiction.  At the end of this year, I expect that I will have read the same amount of books as I normally do.  That is ME.  But I am really looking at how I can really take my enjoyment of reading and really focus that love into something that really helps me in my walk with my Lord.

This year to make my love of reading take a more beneficial turn, I am choosing to remember to put down the books sometimes and go out into the real world.  I am choosing to pick up more Christian living books and not spend my every moment in fiction.  I don’t believe the reading I do is “BAD”, I simply think it takes me away from places God wants me to be sometimes.  And it has really been put on my heart to monitor that time a little differently this year.  I assure you I will still have a book or two with me at all times.  I assure you that I will be reading often.  I just want to make sure I always have my life open to where God wants me to be… and that I don’t miss His call or tap because I am so far gone in a fictional reality. 

I want to be “So Far Gone” in Him!
Lisa 🙂

http://youtu.be/7-sigUxXsAA Thousand Foot Krutch “So Far Gone”


2 thoughts on “Permissible But Not Beneficial

  1. Ahhh and avid book lover, just like me. I can relate!!! I agree completely too. I am currently working on restructuring my day to allow time for reading in moderation. I seriously have been TIMING my reading to keep me in check. I have so much to do that I need to make sure I am not neglecting my duties. Thanks for allowing me to see I am not alone.

  2. Maybe you could redirect your reading into non-fictional Christian books! Thank you for your transparency and honesty!

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