#Palms Up and ALL – CLEAR Message: Focus!

Hands up to God during a worship service…. sounds easy… looks beautiful…in my head, kinda SCARY!  What is it about that simple gesture that stresses me out?  Is it that someone might see?  Or is it because to truly raise my hands and open my palms means to really and truly open myself up to God?    Am I intentionally holding myself back from God?  Why would I do that?  I love my Father!  I am amazed at the fact that no matter what I do, He is always going to be there for me!  Silly to think that I would be keeping myself from a deeper relationship with Him.

In the last few weeks, I have been reading a book called MY ONE WORD by Mike Ashcraft and Rachel Olsen.  (It’s great!)  The idea is to discover one word God wants you to focus on for a time period.  God pointed me so very clearly to a particular word.  I should not have been surprised that when I started the Online Bible Study this week with Proverbs 31 Ministries, He reminded me of my word with this whole #PalmsUp idea.  (I love hashtags BTW!) 

My word is FOCUS.  When I am focused on Him, I am in the palms up position in my head and heart even if I am not physically in it.

A few days before August (and the OBS) started, I very clearly heard God tell me I needed to fast from a few things I love for the month.  He wants my focus.  He wants my All.

The reflection verse:  Deuteronomy 6:5.  “Love the Lord MY God with ALL MY heart and with ALL MY soul and with ALL MY strength.”  I made it a little more personal.  It works!

#PalmsUp, ALL, focus:  God is clearly trying to get my attention.  Those three things have been in my thoughts and my heart.  I know who put them there.  (I also know when the enemy tries to make me forget them or twist them around.)

I may still never raise my hands during a worship service at church, but I am working at keeping my focus on Him.  I am opening my heart to Him.  I am saying, “YES GOD!  Whatever you want me to do, I will do it.”  And I mean it!  I will give it all to Him always… my heart, my soul, my strength… focused… and with my palms raised open to Him!  

Lisa 🙂 



Plugged In

get-plugged-in_t_nv1Here’s the question: “What is one way you plug in to God?”

It’s a good question and worthy of contemplating!

Plugging in! Getting the power flowing! I like the picture that puts in my head. 🙂

Without power, my Kindle dies. I hate it when my Kindle dies. Without His power, I die. He hates that!

So, thinking about the ways that I get recharged with, for and in Jesus… one way is by reading! My reading habit turns out to be an excellant plug in source for me. At the moment, it comes in the form of a simple book with a big impact!

I have started reading the book ONE THOUSAND GIFTS by Ann VosKamp. The subtitle for the book is: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are. It is all about realizing the blessings you have – big and small- every day and urging the reader to look for those daily! Like I said, pretty simple. Why didn’t I think of that?! How many times have I chosen to see the bad “stuff”, never even thinking about the blessings that might be there too. Sometimes these gifts are out there in the open, easy to see, but sometimes those blessings are hidden a little deeper. Either way, they are very definantly there! And it really shouldn’t have taken someone else to tell me they were out there. So,here’s my message: Look for them! (Thanks Ann!) It is awesome to find the happy! It is amazing how the joy fills you!

Because of the reading I am doing, I started a Joy Dare this week. Every day, I have an assignment: Find 3 gifts…3 blessings. There is a daily theme of where I am to look for those blessings. Some are easier to think about, some are not. “3 blessings found in Christ” Stength. Peace. Joy. “3 blessings about my home” The family members who live there with me. My reading chair. The ceiling fan in my bedroom. “3 blessings inside a closet”… well, you get the idea. I find myself waking up thinking about the blessings, the gifts, I will write down for the day. I realize how very content, even in the not so pleasant times, I am to be me, especially as I am striving to be more me than I have ever been before! The me that my Savior wants me to be!!

I am loving this book, and the websites that go with it: One Thousand Gifts and A Holy Experience. Check out the book! Check out the websites. Participate in the daily Joy Dare at Ann’s Facebook Page.

There are so many Christian living books written by amazing men and women of God. I choose books… always… but I especially am choosing books as a way to keep plugged in to my God and King! I will keep reading, keep plugging in and continue to grow, every day!
Lisa 🙂

I love the word NEW!

newNEW sounds shiny. NEW sounds pretty. NEW sounds full of endless possibilities! Tomorrow is the first day of a new month. It really is kind of cool that there is always a new month coming just around the corner. I really like the chance to feel a chance to change is in the air! April has been a time of working towards a new ME. May will continue that… and I am looking forward to all that means. It seems silly that I have spent so many years with my eyes and ears and heart and mind closed off. Ignoring the new I could have embraced. Counting that part of my life as PAST HISTORY now! Embracing the NEW I can be. I want to be SHINY! I want to be PRETTY! I want to be FULL OF ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES! I know I can be… I am… it is a promise. “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” ~2 Corinthians 5:17 (NIV) I love that promise! So bring it on May 2013! I am ready to see what you bring! I am ready continue working on the ME I am supposed to be!
Lisa 🙂


REST has a variety of definitions.  Some of my favorites are:  to cease from action or motion, to be away from anxiety or disturbance, to remain confident, and to cause to be firmly fixed.  All verbs! All something I must choose to do!  

“… in repentance and REST is your salvation, in quietness  trust is your strength…” (Isaiah 30:15)


God has REALLy been tapping me on the shoulder about this topic! I have spent so much of my life NOT spending time with him. Rushing and racing and stressing through life! Seems so very silly to me now… and I am beginning to realize how important to me AND Him my time really is.

I happen to be in the midst of a busy few days as I am away from home at a conference. I am having to INTENTIONALLY make moments in the day to stop, remember my focus and take a few moments to REST in His word, in His arms, in His peace.

I started thinking about this blog a few days ago and finally was able to let some of the thoughts flow out of my head onto this “page”… and then had to leave it and return later. During the time away, I noticed a post on TobyMac’s Facebook page. It is a quote from St. Augustine: “You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you.”

I know the restlessness he is talking about! I have felt it for years… and I have thought I could ease it with other things. Not that they were “BAD” things… they simply were NOT focusing where my heart really wanted to be. I wanted to find the restfulness, the peacefulness, the joy but I was not going about it the right way.

It seems so very clear now. I yearn for moments of silence. I yearn for moments of solitude. I yearn for time with Him. LOTS of time!

So I will take the rest, God so freely offers me! I will choose LIFE – real life – the life I can only get from Him!

I want to cease from action or motion and have time every day in silence and solitude with my King!
I want to be away from anxiety or disturbance and sitting with my Lord!
I want to remain confident in Him!
I want to be firmly fixed on my Jesus!

Therefore, I will repent every moment of every day and I will find my rest in my Savior! I will find quietness so that I can sit with Him more often in my days and nights. I will trust in the one true God. Always!

REST… such a little word… so much more than I could possibly have imagined just a short time ago.
Lisa 🙂


The goods, the bads, and the uglies…  I am really, truly, honestly realizing after almost 50 years on this earth, that with God in control, I can deal with it all!  I have been participating…ok, using that term loosely…let me start that sentence over!  I have been signed up to be a part (yep, that is more accurate) of the last few Online Bible Study that Melissa Taylor from Proverbs 31 Ministries facilitates.  I have been part of a wonderful small group on Facebook that is a part of the studies.  Great books – great women! But I have NEVER really focused on it or let God guide me in using it for the glory of Him!  On April 7, a new study began and I prayed that I would use this study to grow closer to Him, to grow closer to my group and to REALLY let it change me.  Thank you Jesus… He is keeping me right there… focused on Him…focused on my study…focused on being INTENTIONAL (one of my new favorite words) about choosing to follow my Lord!  I am realizing the blessings in my life like never before!!!  AND it feels absolutely, positively WONDERFUL!  AND AND AND I owe it all to my King!  Praying now that I continue on this path and that what I do always glorifies His Name!!  I am thankful for each and every blessing in my life.  If you are reading this, it is very likely that  consider YOU one of those blessings… and for the record, I pray that I am always a blessing in YOUR life as well. Look for all your blessings! They are there. For sure!
Lisa 🙂

Book Review: THE GOSPEL OF YES by Mike Glenn

God is telling us YES all through scripture, so why do we insist on only seeing the NO?

Approaching life with a focus on His YES will help you see what you are meant to be for Him!

Mike Glenn shares scripture and his insight to remind us that God made this life for us.  He wants us to spend our time in the YES of life, not the NO.

I want to live in the YES!
Lisa 🙂

 (Thanks BLOGGING FOR BOOKS and Waterbrook Press for supplying my copy of this book for reading and reviewing.)

Please Saturate ME!


To saturate means to ” to fill completely with something that permeates or pervades” or “to load to capacity”. It means to “drench” or “drown”. I have recently made it a goal to get my “God Time” in regularly…. to make it the priority that it needs to be. I am still a work in progress for making those goals every moment and every day, but I have noticed something. The more I spend time with God, in my thoughts and prayers and in His word, the more I want to be IN my God Time. I want to saturate myself in Him. Makes me wonder why, even considering myself a Christian before, I did not allow that in my life. I just want to keep soaking Him up like I a sponge…. so I am focusing on music that makes me feel and be what He wants me to be. I am focusing on spending time in His word and reflecting what those mean to me. I am STILL not big on being very verbal… and when I do talk, it is surely because God is poking me in the head and heart LOL… but I hope that some of what I am taking in, pours out so others can see Him in me. I really need to spend more time in prayer – REAL conversations with Jesus… so that’s the next step. THAT and trying to talk more when it really matters LOL…

“When you words came, I ate them; they were my joy and my heart’s delight, for I bear your name, Lord God Almighty.” ~Jeremiah 15:16

“I wanna be so far gone in you So far nothing else will ever do.” **SO FAR GONE Thousand Foot Krutch***

Lisa 🙂